Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dog School Training

Dog School Training Tips for Finding the Right Training Program for you and your Dog.

So you are thinking about some dog school training for your pup, but with all the training schools out there which one is right for you and your dog. Below are some general points and steps to take when choosing a dog school training program.

1) Make up a short list of dog schools consisting of schools in your area and ones you may have heard about from friends etc. Now go to these schools and ask to sit in on a dog training session, most should oblige but if they don’t you can cross them off your list right then. While at each dog school keep a close eye on the training methods used and how the dogs are responding. You will want to find a method that both you and your dog will be comfortable with. If time permits try to take in 2 training sessions, one at the beginning of the program and one near the end, that way you can watch how some of the dogs have progressed.

2) While sitting in on each of the dog school training sessions talk to some of the current owners to get their feedback. A lot can be learned about the dog trainer and the course just by asking a few questions. Find out how long they have been attending the dog school and if the training has been effective.

3) Make a note of the breeds at each dog school training session and how they respond to the training method used. Certain breeds will respond differently to say the clicking method than others. Are the trainers showing flexibility in their training methods to accommodate different breeds and personalities? Simply put if your dog is a rottweiler joining a training school consisting mostly of poodles is probably not in your best interest.

4) Do your homework and get some background information on each of the dog schools. Find out how long they have been in business, what education the trainers have, and what prerequisites are involved before attending. It is a good idea to only consider training schools in which vaccination is a prereq.

5) Remember dog school training should be about developing a better relationship between you and your dog, so any dog school where you drop your pup off and come back later should not even be considered. Find a training school with an enjoyable environment, where the dogs are obviously having a good time. Dog school training shouldn’t have to be a chore, rather a part of your week that you and your dog look forward to.

For more information about dog school training as well as collar dog training and other dog obedience training please check out my other blogs at collar dog training and behavior dog training and dog obedience training

Dog School Training


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